Experiencing Music in a Whole New Way

There has been a lot of elements of my life that have seemingly started to come together recently.

One of them has been volunteering with companies where I connect with the vision/goals/foundation of what they are trying to accomplish.

The most recent example is SoFar Sounds.   I had applied to be a volunteer for them months ago and never heard anything back. I had sort of written it off. Then as I was traveling in August, I had an email from them asking if I was still interested in volunteering?

Um… Yes!

The amazing part about Sofar Sounds is really the whole concept. You apply for tickets for a show set in an intimate setting (people’s living rooms or side rooms of pubs or the like) and you don’t know who you are actually going to see until right before. It’s a secret.


It’s an amazing opportunity to see a show in a whole new light and discover new artists in an intimate setting. Also the use of cell phones is discouraged because the whole idea is to really be present, focus and take in the entire experience.

It was incredible. I showed up on the night, shadowed the show lead and the social media volunteer and got the chance to experience: Rich Austin, Joe Jacobs and Cosmic Strip.


The evening ended with Cosmic Strip’s cover of “Wicked Game” and I was hooked.

Not only is the whole concept amazing (and something I would love to run and create at some point in my life)- but the volunteers were so welcoming. It was like forming a new community/family in addition to my MBA one.

I absolutely loved it. Hopefully it’s the start of many more to come.


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