Really and Truly Letting Go

It’s my last day/evening in Portugal. The end of my first week of traveling and I’m excited and nervous at the exact same time.

I came on this particular journey to give myself a chance to slow down, breathe and really just pause to make a point to take life in.

At the end of it I am hoping to come back inspired and ready to tackle whatever is next for me. But part of the issue with that is that I am putting pressure on myself to be inspired. My ego mind is currently telling me “make sure you slow down enough Maria, because if you don’t you might miss out on something magical and then you won’t actually be able to write what you need to.”

I realised this earlier this morning. I am establishing my own timeline of when I should be inspired, what my inspiration should look like and what the output of that inspiration should be.

While of course I still need to hold onto my intentions, what I need to let go of is everything else.

I need to not put pressure on myself, and really just let go and be.





I need to just trust that universe is supporting me always. That I am exactly where I am meant to be. That things will unfold exactly as they are supposed to, and stop defining what that will all look like.  When I create those specific definitions, I limit myself. I limit what it could all be, I get caught up in the detail, when really this time should be really just surrendering and giving into the present moment.

That’s where I’m currently at anyway.


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