Week One: Starting off in Portugal

So I am wrapping up my first week of this month long adventure I find myself in.

I flew out on birthday to Portugal with my former flatmate (who I love) .and a friend who organised my International Student Orientation (who I also love).

The first day found us in Lisbon. Wandering the city, eating gelato, followed by a delicious dinner with Fado music.


We ventured to Cascais next to do a 4 day yoga retreat at the Salty Pelican.

I absolutely loved this. I am not new to meditation, however I have only done a handful of yoga classes. There was something kind of magical about waking up to do sun salutations on the beach and seeing the sun rise/reflect over the water. Especially for someone who really wants to start doing sun salutations on a regular basis.

Mornings were filled with yoga – days were filled with exploration.
We spent a day at the beach, one in Sintra exploring the castles


(or Pena Palace specifically), concluded by a hike and meditation on a “hidden beach” (meaning it wasn’t hidden at all – but it was gorgeous) in Sintra national park.


Back to Lisbon to head to Belum and try the infamous “Pasteis de Belum.”  While I had a few during my week in Portugal, now that I have sampled the original thing I can see why they all didn’t quite make the cut. Still delicious, don’t get me wrong, but not the same.

And the weekend brought me on my own over to Porto.

I arrived and immediately had to go to Livraria Lello.


I’m not kidding, I dropped off my luggage, and was there within 30 minutes of arrival. I didn’t buy a book, but I did buy a notebook that I plan to use to jot down my to-do list/sparks of inspiration. Considering that Harry Potter was said to be inspired by that place, and I felt such a great sense of peace once I got upstairs (where this photo was taken), I’m excited for whatever I might capture in this notebook.

And now we come to the present moment. Where I am writing to you sitting in a lounge of my hostel by myself.

My journey on my own starts today. I know it will be great.

But as I mentioned before its still a bit nerve wracking not having someone with me.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.



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