Riding Solo (Kind Of)

So I celebrate my birthday with a month-long travel excursion. Something I have needed since I arrived in London last year.  The strange thing though – I am a bit nervous!



My life for the last 12 months has been full-time job and then evenings/weekends devoted to my MBA.  I knew that going into it all. But there is a difference between knowing your schedule is going to be crazy, and living and breathing it for a year.  I am now giving myself a chance to slow down, breathe and connect.

So why am I nervous?  Well I start the trip off with my flatmate and a friend from school, and then I end with a dear friend from home, but for a few weeks in the middle I will be traveling solo.

I have done it before – on numerous occasions actually. And in all honesty – I have had some of my best journeys traveling by myself (as it opens you up to meeting new people and new opportunities that you wouldnt necessarily be exposed to otherwise).  But it’s still nerve wracking! There is this tiny little voice in my head telling me that I won’t meet anyone and I’ll be stuck in a room by myself the entire time.

I know this is silly. I know that the universe is supporting me always and the trip is going to be amazing. It’s ironic that even though I know all of this – I still feel the fear trying to sneak in there!

I leave bright and early tomorrow morning.

This trip is also slightly different from ones I have taken in the past. Those have all been about seeing and doing as much as I can. Of course I still want to see and do things this trip. But…. since my life has pretty much been constant movement/motion since I arrived last August, I am really hoping to use this time as a chance to slow down. Slow down, re-center and focus, and hopefully get inspired with whatever is coming next.

I’ll keep you guys posted as I go!

Wish me luck ❤




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