A Taste of Italia

As this blog (three websites ago in it’s first format),  started as a travel blog. I decided to bring this entry back to the original vision of my posts – stories/updates/inspirations from my travels.

There is lots of change at the moment. MBA year one has officially come to a close.  I spent the last week in Naples completing an Intenational Study trip which was absolutely AMAZING.


So without futher ago – I bring you Napoli

Highlights from the trip include

  • Having an ancient (I legimately felt like I was transplanted back in time – either that or to Game of Thrones) castle just a few blocks away from the hotel. I spent a few days island hopping and walked past the castle to get to and from the ferry terminal, you know typical morning commute of going around a castle.

    The Palace Life
  • Our classroom for the first four days was an old Royal Palace. The botanical gardens are still in tack and there is a museum on-site

    One of the hallways at "school"
    One of the hallways at “school”
  • Learning all about the Vesuvios region. The Napolese take such pride in their history and culture, it was a really cool thing to experience. Our particular case study had to do with creation of a brand and engagement within a winery consortium. What I loved most about it was researching the area to come up with our final proposal
  • Naples invented pizza (I did not know this prior to arriving) so I made sure to pay homage to this at least once a day
  • We had four days of school work and 3 days of play.

We arrived late on Monday and set off to the University first thing Tuesday. The week was devoted to getting to know the two different Italian companies (a winery consortium and a bakery distributor) and writing a business case/report for them.

Playing around on the Isle of Capri
Playing around on the Isle of Capri

The weekend was devoted to exploration. I took the time to go to the Isle of Capri (absolutely STUNNING – it gave me a taste of wealth – and was so insanely beautiful) and then testing out the thermal waters/roman baths is Ischia (another Island a ferry ride away from Naples). Throw in Italian food, a mini-bus for transport, and lots of walks and you have a condensed version of my time in Italy.

I was legitimately so grateful for the entire experience. I got the opportunity to dive in and get to know an Italian company, research the area and its history, discover their pride in their traditions, work together as a team to produce a final product, and then see and explore the area on my own as well.

I absolutely loved it. If anything it just left me really excited for my own travels which are coming up now in just a few weeks (fly out of London to Portugal on my birthday – August 6th).

More to come!



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