The Journey Begins… Again

Wrapping up my final weeks of my first year of MBA program, I’ve decided to start fresh with my blog.

I’ll  be using this space to provide regular updates on my time in London, and next steps on what’s to come.

My main updates at the moment are the following

  1. I have recently decided to give notice at my job and I’m not entirely sure where I am going to work next. This is nerve-wracking and quite empowing at the exact same time. I know I want to feel valued, I want to feel like my work matters, and I also want to work for an organisation that is doing their bit to make this world a better place. How exactly that is going to manifest itself? I’m not quite sure
  2. I will be traveling for a bit this summer. My current plan is the month of August and part of September. I have feel pulled to Andalucia (the South of Spain) and Portugal.
  3. I’m grateful for you… yes you. For taking the time to read this.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I’m not entirely sure what the future holds for me yet, but I have a feeling its going to great, and I intend to capture everything here. Would love to have you join me on this next adventure/chapter in my life.

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